Which Poetic Form are You? (Writing Challenge)


I found this quiz on PlayBuzz called “Which Poetic Form are You?” I decided I would take the quiz and whatever my result was, I would try to write one. As I had hoped, my result was a style I had never tried before: Villanelle. I challenge you all, weather you consider yourself a poet or not, to take this quiz and write whatever style you get. Don’t worry about if it’s good or not. Just give it a shot.

1. Click here to take the quiz--> Which Poetic Form are You?
2. If you aren't already familiar, learn how to write that style of poetry (you may need to do some googling)
3. Write your poem
4. Share!! I'd love to see the pieces you all come up with!
-link this post to ping it back. That way we can all see

This was my result and its description:


You appreciate a haunting image and recognize the power of repetition. You never bore and know how to make your words fresh while maintaining your vision. You endure and enlighten.

Click here to see my villanelle: “My Blanket

11 thoughts on “Which Poetic Form are You? (Writing Challenge)

  1. I love this post and the challenge. I did the quiz (as I prefer poetry to any other type of expression) and ended up with the same as you – the Villanelle. My goodness it is so accurate!


  2. I did the quiz and came out free verse which is mostly what I write! Although latest post is a dialogue between a cat, dog and mouse! ;-)


  3. They take a lot of work and thought, but I find the best creativity comes out of such strict rules. Youre forced to work within a tight structure . it pushes you to get creative and use words you normally wouldnt in order to make it work. I like the end result of sonnets :)



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