A thought.

Sometimes we waste a great deal of time and energy worrying about why certain people don’t take greater interest in our lives. Meanwhile we ignore the ones who do take interest. Be there for the ones who are there for you. They deserve it– and so do you.

The Bear


Often a wonderful asset.
When needed,
it is there
deep within us all–
more than we know.

But remember still,
to let down your guard.
Remember still,
to love.
Remember still,
to rest.

Strength is not anger.
It is not power, nor is it revenge.
Strength is intuition.
Strength is wisdom.
Strength is pride.


Now that Christmas is all said and done the focus shall quickly shift to yet another special day: New Year’s. Alas comes the time to establish a resolution– the burden we drag along with us throughout the year– or that is quickly swept under the rug and forgotten until the next new year rolls around and a puffing cloud of dissatisfaction reveals itself as we’re dusting off our annual souvenirs and we are tauntingly faced with our unaccomplished goals. We frantically establish new ones insisting that this year will be different: This time, we WILL …get those grades …land that job …loose the weight …find that perfect someone… what have you. But still in the backs of our minds lingers the fear of failure; we are often left feeling anxious and discouraged by our self-doubt hindering the universal goal that is to better ourselves.

In this new year I have decided to try something different. I came across this suggestion online. This person recommended, instead of establishing a resolution, having a theme word. This word will represent the attitude with which you will face the new year. The beauty of this type of goal is that it can be applied across a wide range of scenarios and has a meaning that is special and significant to you. You can keep this word in the back of your mind, or write it down in a spot where you often look, like on your night stand, or in your notebook etc. When you are faced with a difficult task or situation, draw on that special word and let it inspire you in moving forward.

My theme word for 2015 is MOTIVATION

What will yours be???


I spend all my time trying to be perfect:

All running smoothly

All comfortably

Happily, perfectly perfect


Hours spent on building organizers,

organizing schedules,

Scheduling actions,



Hours spent

On saving minutes


And when everything’s perfect,

What then?


No sillier complaint can one make

Than on the weather

With no one to listen


The snow will still blow

The sun will still blister


Unless the snow sparkles

And the sun glisten

There comes

With rain

A little air of optimism


It is as though the sky has finally pulled down her shield

And out pours the misery onto which she’s clenched for too long


She breathes

A trembling breath

Clearing way for sun to shine