Each beat tugging a string around my heart

With each pull, it pumps along

Embraced but never bound

Not trapped but wrapped in sound


There’s something more to life than people

You feel at ease from your burdens when you allow yourself to be submerged in sound

Or the sight of nature’s beauty

A feeling so soothing


To be at peace with yourself in sound, sight, touch, taste, and smell

It is not always such a scary thing

To feel as though you’re the only one

And all your ties may come undone 

The Ways You Inspired Me

So many things 

I never knew I never said

Until you were gone

I never knew I wanted to 


The life you lived 

To live


The gifts you gave

To give


The lessons taught

To teach


The lessons learned

To reach


The visits made

To love


Your final breaths

To breathe



Something Worth Knowing

Though you may think you know a lot

By word of mouth, hear-say and such

One thought that ought not be forgot

Is hear-sayers do not know much


They hear through word of mouth as you

From mouths of learners like you do

Who think they know a lot as well

Devour and spew to sooth the swell 


To save yourself an awkward fate–

Research before regurgitate 


The Makers of Imperfection

Recall your complaints for the cold

Before you let the heat ruin your day

Too quick are we to pull at flaws

To pick the rug with imperfect claws

Embrace the heat, the rain, or snow

And have the peace of mind to know

The world is perfect in its own way

Imperfect is in those so bold to fray 

Little update

Hey everyone!

Finally my classes are finished! This spring term turned out to be far more time consuming than I had expected. Today was my last day of classes and it feels good! I have one stats exam on Monday and then I officially have two months of school-free summer. Those of you who follow me have probably noticed a new addition to my menu called reflections/reviews. I decided to start this up to help me keep up with my blog. With all the reading I have been doing for class I figured why not write about them while I’m at it?? Now that my classes are all done I can get back to more creative writing. 

What did you guys think of the reflections? Would you like to see more? Or should I stick to the poetry? Let me know. If you liked them I might try to do some more every now and then.

Take care!


The Race not Worth Running

Sometimes I feel like people think that life is a competition

And the busiest person wins

But it’s not really about being the busiest

It’s about what you’re busy doing

And those who win won’t know it

They’re busy doing better things

And forgot all about the race

Only the losers watch the finish line