Competing Voices

She is horrible

misguided, careless, out of control

Unwanted weight on my shoulders

An ugly burden that I bare

And while I push the boulders

She doesn’t seem to care

She has no regard for what I want

.          Though she’d say all the same of me

It’s like pulling on a single rope

That’s tied up to a tree

We won’t see eye to eye

Because we’re peering through the same

And it’s hard to stay on track

When there’s two that pull the reigns

The most beautiful thoughts occur in the mind. It is the imperfection of language that hinder them. So when you’re feeling like no body else quite gets it– assume that they do, and are simply struggling to phrase it just like you. We are never as alone as we feel.


Tight skin










Push-pull tragedy

Increasing pressure

Loss of faith

Not good enough

Not strong enough

Where are my priorities?

Do I go up or down?




Holding back while reaching out






But still, nothing comes out


Writing Challenge: Unlock the Mind

Maybe They Aren’t so Evil

It really drives me when people talk crazy

“The government doesn’t care about us, you see.

They only care about saving money”

Perhaps it’s a tad less a conspiracy.

Surely you aren’t to sole one who cares—

Who honestly wants to make a difference

It’s just not always that simple.

Do you ever think that just maybe

People are innately good?

Or is that too crazy a thought?

Maybe I could be wrong

Perhaps I’m talking crazy;

A pack of nonsense—


I’m just thinking

If I want the best

Then maybe

Others do too.

Have faith

That they have





Woodland Tales: Lapine’s Morining Stroll

The evenings began to bring chills and left dew behind for the morning escapade. Lapine brushes through the water droplets on her morning stroll in the meadow. She is refreshed and made vibrant by the surprising sensation. It is both pleasant and concerning; for she knows the days are, ever so slowly, shortening.

She made certain, that day, her stroll was long-lasting and meaningful.


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But They Shall Come Home

Little leafs on twigs

Little twigs on little limbs

Limbs on trunks on roots

What’s on my Mind in September

School is back again and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Check out What’s on my Mind in September and I’ll explain why.

On another note, the poll I had going for the summer has the final results in: Looks like we’ve had a sweet tooth because the favorite summer activity was BBQing ! Yummy yummy

A New Day

Seek perfection in every flaw

Strive for beauty (not perfection)





Bask in the good moments

Shake off the bad





Grin that sneaky grin

How to: Rhyme With Orange (and other rhyme-less words)

Borange, florange, gorange, shmorange….. Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying many times, and it’s true: Nothing actually rhymes with the word orange. Now the first time you heard of this there is no doubt your first reaction was to try to think of something that did, in fact, rhyme with orange. As this fact became commonly dictated, many people attempted to challenge this and rebutted that it is not entirely impossible to use orange in rhyming scenarios if you really think about it. In an interview with rapper, Eminem, he argues that there are all sorts of things that “rhyme” with orange:


When people say that nothing rhymes with orange, they really mean that nothing rhymes perfectly with orange. But not all rhymes are necessarily perfect or identical. Poets and writers often rely on use of oblique rhymes (near rhymes) when producing creative writing. Near rhymes are words that sound similar although they do not produce the exact same ending sound:

chase – mate

sewing – coin

chimp – stint

These near rhymes are used quite frequently and, when reading poetry or listening to songs, we often don’t even notice when an imperfect rhyme is being used because they sound more-or-less the same. In fact, it might surprise you to learn that silver, purple, husband, & laundry all also have no perfect or identical rhyme. BUT that shouldn’t hold us back from using them.

If you get creative, all of these words can be used in rhyme. For example :


My husband 

God love him

Turned our whites all purple

Even my favorite girdle


To say he’s sorry

He bought me silver

Wrecked the laundry

But I’ll forgive ‘er


And the list of rhyme-less words does not end here: angry, elbow, bulb, pizza, diamond, golf, citrus, iron, reptile, olive ALL do not have perfect or identical rhymes. And there’s MORE…way more; seriously. Look it up if you don’t believe me. 

Case in point, you can rhyme ANY word if you really want to. Although I personally would advise against trying to rhyme orange in a poem or song to avoid the irony (unless that’s what you’re going for), all of these words without rhyme do not need to be avoided just because they might be a little more challenging; rather, we should step up to the challenge and not be limited by rules! 

After all…..

Nothing rhymes with poetry.

It Just Is

It’s inappropriate

The things some people do


It’s inappropriate

Because that’s just not the way we do things

No, not around here


It’s inappropriate

Because it is

And people just don’t act like that

Because it’s inappropriate, and rude


It’s inappropriate

To behave that way

It’s okay to think it

As long as you don’t do or say

Because everyone thinks inappropriate thoughts


It’s inappropriate

But as long as it stays inside your head

And I’ll keep my thoughts inside mine

As long as our thoughts never meet, it’s fine

‘Cause as long as we keep our inappropriate thoughts inside

They cannot intrude upon the system