It Just Is

It’s inappropriate

The things some people do


It’s inappropriate

Because that’s just not the way we do things

No, not around here


It’s inappropriate

Because it is

And people just don’t act like that

Because it’s inappropriate, and rude


It’s inappropriate

To behave that way

It’s okay to think it

As long as you don’t do or say

Because everyone thinks inappropriate thoughts


It’s inappropriate

But as long as it stays inside your head

And I’ll keep my thoughts inside mine

As long as our thoughts never meet, it’s fine

‘Cause as long as we keep our inappropriate thoughts inside

They cannot intrude upon the system

Clearing Finnegan’s Attic

To stay, to say, but fear to stray

Words astray like Finnegan’s Wake

Dead or awake

An old tea kettle in the back

Is it all an acrobatic act?

To attack the attic and toss it all down the stairs


      What’s there?


Is there anything good to be found in these heaps of forgotten boxes?

Perhaps some was stored and meant to be forgotten

Perhaps we should not have come here

It’s a spooky place but there is so much to be found

So many quirky little things that I might want back


      What’s there?


What sorts of burdens do I bare?

What sorts of hidden gems?

Or is it just a hallow space full of useless junk?

Mysterious boxes to rattle and clunk

Unwanted Sympathy

The nagging display of grace

Of a loved one’s cold embrace










And this…

This is what makes it all better, isn’t it.

And that’s when it becomes all about them

And you resist the urge to push their trying love away

‘Cause God forbid your mood just wants to be alone


I do not want the sympathy

I do not want someone to hold

To take away the pain nor pat my head

You could simply leave me alone instead


You can hold my hand all you want and tell me to be strong

But how can I be strong with your pestering hand patting me along?


I know you just want to help

But much like the world needs rain

For grass to grow and ducks to play

We must let run the course of pain

And there’s nothing you can do or say


Now in the kindest most appreciative possible way

Take your stiff hugs and lip and go away

The Jump

As I stand upon the threshold

Eyes gazed toward the ground

My red heart strong and boldly pounds

Both fearful and excited


The wind whips with a strong and assertive message:

Though its meaning is unclear to me

Either pushing me away screaming “Don’t do it”

Or pulling me in—to dance in harmony


It is in this moment that my mind begins to ponder:

Come the jump will I be weakened or will it make me stronger?

Suppose this is the most exciting moment of my life

If the best is in the past then is the future worth the fight?


Through hesitation the jump still calls my name

I think of soaring birds and what it might be like to fly

I think of what it feels like to swim through clouds

The mysteries that only can be answered by the sky


I think of choices yet to make:

Like when to pull the shoot (if even at all)

Do I savor the moment, or the rush of the fall?

So many possibilities in the twist-turns I might take


My colorful map is so carefully sewn

For a sheet in the wind destination unknown.

And what do I make of the landing?

Surely the jump will not leave me simply standing


That’s the beauty of life

It is not defined by one given moment in time

And that’s where I find my peace of mind:

In knowing it doesn’t end at jump


Hey everyone! I need your creativity. I am looking for some good descriptors and sources of inspiration for a poem I have been working on and I would like your help!

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